Games is an effective way of developing social skills,strategic thinking as well as physical and mental strength especially for children at the foundation of learning. It makes learning fun and encourages teamwork. With this in mind Jesus House Schools has provided a safe and healthy environment for your child to take advantage of and engage in various games within the school's premises.


We have different educational/ extracurricular  activities that will challenge,inspire and develop your child's talent ,as well as enhance their  creativity and social skills. This activities will also develop their problem - solving skills and help them aspire to always be the best.


We provide world class educational learning experience for your child with the  aid of effective and functional teaching/ learning resource materials. Our well trained and very experienced staff are  dedicated to the impartation of knowledge to your child. Jesus House school has  functional and well equipped  facilities in place as well as structures that facilitates the continuous growth and development of your child.

About Our School

Welcome to Jesus House School,an institution dedicated to the provision of  international standard of education and the training/molding of pupils in a Godly pattern.
Our facility is equipped with standard classrooms with modern and effective educational resource materials. Every class is ably manned by well trained and experienced teachers and the school is located in a quiet, conducive and serene environment.

  • We are committed to providing a world class academic experience for your child.
  • Our Teaching and Non Staff are well equipped and highly effective in the dispensation of their duties.
  • We provide the best human and material resources that enhances and facilitates  academic growth and development.
  • It is a school of "ordinary people set to accomplish extraordinary achievements".
More About Us

Our School provides the following services

Learn through play

Children can develop social and cognitive skills

Rich Exposure

We engage our pupils on Excursion to broaden their knowledge

Digital School

Information Technology is applied to teaching to improve learning

Child Care

We take utmost supervision of each child a piority

Homely Environment

We pride ourselves in creating a friendly, homely atmosphere

Value For Money

We put in all effort to ensure every child gets the best quality of education


To transform the world by training the child with
values that impact love, hope, faith and determination
in order to spur his/her destiny.


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